If a visitor has not been sent an upgrade or membership code after their visit, check they have a receipt then follow the below steps to send them one.

Step 1

Go to the VCMS and select 'Codes' from the menu.

Step 2

On the 'Codes' screen you will find the types of tickets or memberships you can generate a code for and how many per code.

Choosing 'Day Ticket' will send the visitor an upgrade code. This means they will be asked to pay the difference between a day ticket and a membership when entering the code into the Candide app.

Step 3

If the visitor paid for a membership at the garden but was not sent a code to redeem this, you can send a code that is the full value of a membership. In this case, they will not be asked to pay anything when entering the code in the app.

Step 4

Enter the visitor's email address and tick 'Send email with code'.

Once sent this will generate a code that will appear in the list below.

If you need any help, contact our Support Team via support@candide.com or

0117 313 6633.

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