If a customer pays for a ticket or membership when they arrive at the garden, it is important that they are checked-in to keep track of the visitors that enter the garden. You can do this via the Non-Candide check-in.

Step 1

After processing the payment for the customer, go to the VCMS and select 'Check-in visitors'.

Step 2

Click on 'Non-Candide' and select whether the visitor has bought a day ticket or a membership.

Step 3

Log how many people are visiting by tapping the up and down arrows to increase or decrease the number.

Step 4

Make sure you also choose the type of ticket or membership by selecting the arrow next to 'Entry Scheme'. This will bring up options that vary in price.

If none apply, continue with 'Entry Scheme'.

Step 5

It is important to enter the customer's email address in the field below so that they are sent their membership or upgrade code after their visit.

If there are any notes that would be helpful, you can add these by clicking on 'Optional notes'. These will then appear for staff the next time the visitor checks in.

Step 6

Complete the Check-in by pressing the 'Confirm Visitors' button

If you need any help, contact our Support Team via support@candide.com or

0117 313 6633.

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