To check-in a visitor you will need to be logged in to the VCMS.

Step 1

On the VCMS menu, go to 'Check-ins' and select 'Check-in visitors' to bring up the ticket scanning screen.

Step 2

Ask the customer to show their QR code on their smartphone. This can be found on their ticket email or via the 'Tickets' section of the Candide app.

Hold the QR code up to the camera, positioning the code within the red square. Wait for the beep or for the customer details to appear on the VCMS.

Step 3

Check-in the number of visitors from the ticket or membership who have arrived using the arrows.

Complete the check-in by clicking the 'Confirm Visitors' button.

If you need any help, contact our Support Team via or

0117 313 6633.

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