At Candide, we email our users about events, exciting new features, or anything plant and garden-based to keep your knowledge growing.

When you downloaded the Candide app and created an account, you may have opted out of Candide emails. That's ok, we're not offended! You may have wanted to try out the app first or unticked it without thinking.

If you like our app and have changed your mind, we have a few simple steps to join our mailing list.

Step 1

Tap the profile icon in the left-hand corner of the Community page

Step 2

This will bring up the profile menu, here tap on 'Settings'

Step 3

Once in settings, find and tap on 'Email preferences'

Step 4

Here slide the white circle to the right to turn on emails

If you change your mind, slide the white circle back until the slider is grey again. After doing this, you will stop receiving Candide emails.

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