Checking in visitors using Candide is simple, and you do it via the CMS.

You can use a variety of different devices to check in a visitor, as long as they have a camera and can connect to the CMS. A smartphone, tablet, or webcam all make good check-in devices.

To check-in via a smartphone or tablet, you’ll need to make sure to log-in to the CMS on that device. Setting up a webcam is a good option as you can connect it to a computer or laptop, and position it in a location that supports social distancing.

Checking in a visitor who has a Candide advance ticket or membership

Scanning with a QR code

To check in a visitor who has purchased an advance ticket or membership via Candide, the best option is to scan the code from their order confirmation email. For memberships, the code is in the ticket section of their app or account on the Candide website.

Simply ask the visitor to show the QR code on their smartphone in front of the camera until you hear it beep.

'Valid Ticket' will flash up on the screen when the ticket checked-in is valid. You can then check-in the number of visitors who have arrived using the arrows and selecting 'confirm visitors'.

Entering codes manually

If you can’t scan the QR code, (e.g. if a visitor’s phone is cracked and the scanner can’t read the code), you can ask the visitor to read out their unique code from their order confirmation email or membership. Select “Enter the code manually” at the bottom and type it into the input.

Loss of internet

If your internet connection is down temporarily, keep a log of the code and number of visitors which have arrived so that you can put these into the CMS when you are back online.

Lost email or phone issues

Lastly, if your visitor has lost their confirmation email or their smartphone has died, you can check them in by looking them up in the search. Select “Check-in” in the top right, where a modal will pop up.

Checking in non-Candide visitors

It’s a good idea to check in non-Candide visitors - people who haven’t bought a ticket online but who have purchased on the door.

This is so that you can track all your visitors in the system, and gather insights on how many people choose to purchase tickets on the door and if there are any patterns to this.

To check in these visitors, simply select non-Candide on the check-in page and click the up arrow to select the number of visitors. This page will show your visitor ticket types.

If a visitor tries to check-in more people than were paid for on the ticket, or the ticket has already been used, you’ll get an error message on the screen.

Checking in visitors free of charge

On occasion, you may want to check in a visitor for free - for instance, if the press were to turn up or you have a guest arriving for a meeting, or make a note of your existing garden members. You can check-in this visitor as 'Free' and add a note if you want to leave more information for when you check your figures on the stats page.

Live check-in stats

You can look at your real-time capacity in the garden in the check-in stats section of the CMS.

You can choose to see the stats as a list or a timeline graph. Using the drop-down you can select which view you would like to see.

Check-in stats as a timeline graph

If you’ve opted to be able to check out visitors, you’ll do this in the CMS.

Using the check-out feature, you’ll always know how many visitors are in your garden at a time. This is great if you’ve had visitors arrive at the gate who haven’t purchased an advance ticket, or you want to know how many visitors are still in the garden at closing time.

Step 1.

To check out visitors simply click ‘check-out visitors’ in the sidebar.

Tip: If you're on the check-in page and want to switch to check-out, you can click this arrow symbol in the top right.

On the check-out page, you’ll see the total number of visitors that are in the garden right now.

Step 2.

To check out a visitor, simply click the check-out button once for each visitor you want to check-out. You'll see the check-out button change to the number of people you are checking out.

And that's it!

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