The CMS or content management system is where you’ll find all the information about your ticket purchases and check-in insights.

Sign in

To sign into the CMS you will need to have registered for an account in the Candide app, and set up on the system. Any staff that need access to the ticketing system and check-in will need to sign up to Candide and you will need to provide us with their username on Candide so we can grant access.

Step 1

Select 'Get Started'.

Step 2

Choose 'Sign up with email' or your preferred method of signing up.

Step 3

Enter your email, create a password and click 'Create' ensuring you have ticked the 'agree to terms' box.

Once you have successfully logged in, please contact your Account Manager who will ensure you are set up with the relevant permissions in the VCMS.

Step 4

Log into your account. When logging in you need to use the email address you registered on Candide with.

Understanding your CMS dashboard

You can use your dashboard to show the ticket purchase history and check-in data.


Your ticket information can be found in the sidebar on the left. You can select search, stats, or insights.

Search allows you to find ticket holders by looking up their name, email, or postcode. This is useful if someone has purchased a ticket but can’t find or has deleted their order confirmation.

Ticket Stats will show your purchase history.

You can filter this to order results by day, week, or month for either day tickets, memberships or both.

Ticket Insights show you an overview of the total number of tickets purchased, and also the breakdown of ticket types, for instance, the number of adult tickets vs. child tickets bought.


If you have opted in for check-ins, you’ll be able to see a breakdown of your stats and insights for this too.

Check-in Stats: Like with your ticket stats, you can filter check-ins by day, week, or month.

Check-in Insights:

Your insights page will show a variety of reports and graphs, either monthly or weekly. Including check-ins by day to visually represent your busiest day that month (or day of the week), check-ins by day vs last month/week, by time period, so you can see if your visitors tend to arrive at a particular time each day. You’ll also see a breakdown of your visitor types and most common postcodes.

Please speak to your area manager if you want to learn more about your insight reports.

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