You can now buy a Garden Membership for some of our partner gardens before visiting them.

Step 1

Open the app or website and find the garden you want to visit. Click the 'Buy Tickets' button.

If the 'Buy tickets' button does not appear, select the website link and click through to buy a membership

Step 2

Select the 'memberships' button and scroll down to enter how many people you would like this membership to be valid for.

Step 3

A summary is shown for the garden you have selected, the number of memberships, the final cost and membership duration.

Step 4

You'll need to enter your details and each of the adult members' details, so the garden can identify you if you lose access to your membership. Scroll down to the bottom and press 'continue'.

Step 5

After you have confirmed all your details and added all the members, you will be asked to create a Candide Account, or log in if you have an account already.

Step 6

A summary of your membership will be shown and if all details are correct, proceed to the payment screen.

Step 7

You can pay by card or using either Apple Pay or Google Pay. Please make sure to fill out all the boxes on this screen. Once your payment is successful, click the 'view in account' button.

You can log in to your account on the website to view and use your membership at a garden. Or, to use the membership offline at any time, you can use the Candide app.

Step 8

On the website, tap on the 'Account' icon, and log in to your account, using the email and password you used when buying your membership. Your membership will be shown in your ticket wallet.

Or, in the Candide app, click on the "Tickets' icon and this will bring you to your memberships page.

Click on the image to open up your membership QR code. You can then scan this code to gain entrance to the garden for 1 year.

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