If the garden you're visiting offers Audio tours with us, you can download them before you visit the garden for a more fulfilling garden experience.

When entering the garden a 'Welcome' banner will appear

Click on the banner and scroll down to find the audio tour

Now skip to Step 4

If you are not at the garden yet, you can still access and download the audio tours:

Step 1

Open the Candide app and click on the 'Places' icon.

Step 2

Scroll right until you find the garden you are visiting.

Step 3

Scroll down until you reach the audio tour for the garden and tap 'Explore'.

Step 4

Tap the 'Download' button and 'Start' once the download is complete.

Make sure you have plenty of storage space on your device otherwise you may have difficulties downloading the tour.

Step 5

Tap on the numbers to open the audio guide for this section of the garden.

The arrow in the lefthand corner will take you to your exact location, tapping again will send you back to the above screen.

Step 6

When you are ready to start the tour audio, tap the 'Listen' button.

Step 7

Swipe up on the banner to read along with the transcription of the audio.

Step 8

When you have completed all the numbered audio guides or if you want to finish the tour early, select 'End Tour' to go back to the garden page.

Changing your location settings to access the tour:

The tour uses your location to help you find the audio guide for the section of the garden you are in. To do this, your phone settings for the app may need to be changed.

Step 1

If you receive the below error message, go into 'Settings'.

Step 2

Once in settings, tap 'Location'.

Step 3

Set the location setting to 'Always'. A blue tick will appear beside the selected setting.

If you need any further help, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team.

Telephone - 0117 313 6672

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