Candide is a thriving community full of people posting lots of lovely pictures, this is how to do it.Β 

Tap The Share Button

This will open up a new page to help you create your post.

Tap 'Add photo' or 'Add video'

Choose to either take a new photo, or upload an existing one, at this point our app may require permission to access your device camera and storage. If they are not granted you will not be able to continue!

Either take a new photo or choose one from your device

Once you have selected a photo, we have a few options for you to choose from.

1. You can choose to rotate your image, or delete it if it is the incorrect one.
2. You can choose an aspect ratio of 5:4 (Landscape), 4:5 (Portrait) or 1:1 (Square)

Currently, we can only support these aspect ratios. This is so they look consistent across different devices.

You can also add multiple images to your post by pressing 'Add'

Once you have selected all the photos you would like to attach to your post, you can then include a description or message with your photos.

Adding tags into your post

Once you have written a message to go along with your posts, you can add some hashtags, or tag another user who you would like to see your post.

Hashtags are a common method of searching for or grouping similar posts or themes within many different social media platforms. You can create your own hashtag, and see if you can get it trending!

To make a hashtag, you will start the tag with a '#' symbol, and then add your words with no space between them like: #loveplants or #ruralgardener.

You can also tag another user by tapping '@ Mention a user' which will allow you to type in another user who you wish to be tagged in your post, if you feel they will like it or it's something you want to show them.

Label a plant that appears in your post

If you are familiar with your plant, you may want to let other users know which plant is featured in your post. This will also link to the Plant Profile of that plant within the app. Other users can then quickly find information about this plant.

Tell us where your post was taken

If you have visited a garden, they will appreciate you setting them as the location of the post. If you do not wish to share your exact location, you can set it to a city, region or country. We require this so we can surface it to other users in the same country as you in the 'Nearby' feed.

When you have selected a location, you can let other users know what type of post this is, a General post for showcasing something, or a Question if you are unsure of something, or a Tip to help other gardeners, or a Risk to plants, letting other users know what pests and diseases you have encountered.

Finally finish by tapping: 'Create post'

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