Candide is a community for all to share their love of plants. However, if there is something you don't want to see, you can always hide another person's posts from your feed.

To hide a user

Please tap the three dots on the right hand side of a post

Tap Hide

Pressing this button will prevent you from seeing another users posts, but you'll still see their comments.
The other user won't know that they have been hidden, and can still comment on your posts.

To unhide a user you can go to their profile page and tap 'Unhide'.

To Report a users post or comment

Follow the steps above but press 'Report post' instead of 'Hide'.

Please select a reason

Select the closest category for the reported post.

Please give as much detail as possible

The more detail we have the better we can judge on how to action your report. We may take no action if a user has not breached our terms of service or community guidelines.

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