In Candide we have lots of interesting content, but finding it more than once might not be so easy. As more posts appear, something that caught your attention may seem to vanish! In addition to this, if an article was from a few days ago, it may become more difficult to find.

For this exact reason we have the option to save items so you can find them again. 

To save a post, plant, place or article

Tap the bookmark icon, which on posts are underneath the photo,

and on articles, plants and places, you will find it at the top of the screen.

To find anything that you have saved

Tap on your Account in the top left of the Screen

This will bring up your Menu, from here select 'Saved'

Tap Saved

This should take you to a list of Saved items

Tapping on any of these options will bring up anything that you have saved in that category.

You will also notice at the bottom your previous Plant ID's, which is good to know that all your Plant ID usage is saved in the app for future reference.

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